The history of Runcore

2007.08    Runcore was founded with a registered capital of 10 millions.  

2007.09    Runcore Released the first 32G solid-state drive of China.   

2008.06    Runcore released the first domestically produced solid-state drive with the intelligent destruction function.    

2009.07    Runcore obtained the strategic investment of HTVC group Co., LTD.       

2010.10    Runcore Won the second the price of 2010 ChangSha science and technology progress in the project of “technological and in industrialization of mass storage system based on SSD”.      

2011.04     Runcore’s Red Flag series of encryption storage Products won the 2011 China Information Security Excellent product award.        

2012.11     Runcore obtained certification of national high-tech enterprise.     

2013.10     Runcore was approved as a key project of “National Innovation Fund for small and medium-seized technology-based” in the projects of the “ technological development and industrialization of mess storage system based on SAD”.       

2013.12     Runcore released solid-state memory array products with  independent intellectual property rights.       

2014.10     Runcore Released aerospace-class large capacity solid-state memory modules.     

2015.12     Shenzhen Fastsprint Circuit Tech co., LTD.(stock symbol 002436) increased its resources and the became the dominant stockholder of Runcore.     

2016.05     Runcore released the first domestically autonomous controllable memory controller  solid-state hard disk.      

2016.08     Runcore’s project of “developments and industrialization of secure and intelligent solid-state disk array for cloud computing and big data application”was approved as a science in the technology plan projects of Hunan providence in 2016.       

2018.05    The national key research and development program participated by Runcore, the high-throughput material computing integration service platform coordinated by the industries, universities in the research institutes l, has won the project approval supports.